Protocols with Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations

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With a large set of identified advantages, BestSupplier, platform for the qualification and evaluation of suppliers, is being implemented by Business Associations and Chambers of Commerce. These alliances emerge from the acknowledgment of the added value that BestSupplier brings to companies, presenting them in an integral and structured Directory, showing clear and segmented information.

The Business Directory of BestSupplier guarantees:
• Research uniformity through the websites of Business Associations and Chambers of Commerce;
• Clear and transparent information between companies;
• Evaluation of companies monitored documents;
BestSupplier is presented in the market as a platform for qualification and evaluation of suppliers that allows the interaction between companies and their continuous improvement.

Through BestSupplier your company can:

• Evaluate suppliers, automatically monitoring all documents associated with them;
• Certify your company’s suppliers (ISO 9001 Certification);
• Get to know the aggregate market certification, from the companies you are currently working with, or potential suppliers (Benchmarking);
• Interact effectively with your customers and suppliers.

More business opportunities, access to top customers and cost reduction are certainly some common objectives of every company; these are also goals that require effort, commitment and creativity!
Considering this context, it is possible for the members of Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations to have free access to BestSupplier’s Business Directory. In this list, all members of Chambers and Associations can be found.
The associated companies can access the Directory and complete their profiles with all the relevant institutional information such as text, logos, videos and images. With this, they gain visibility on this platform that is already the largest national directory for b2b companies. Once on the platform, companies can upload all their documents for qualification and evaluation thus saving time and money by simplifying and organizing processes.